Alfred Adler Charter School opened in fall of 2008. Inspired by the works and teachings of Alfred Adler (Individual Psychology). The school was founded as an integral part of a democratic community. The focus is on the core Adlerian idea, that when you treat human beings as equal in worth and give them the opportunity to find their place of belonging and a way to contribute you are on your way to building a healthy and striving community. Where better to start than in our schools, where we experience and learn the basic tenets of social living. We are committed to a school community, where children feel a sense of belonging, encouraged to make their contribution, and have a voice to express themselves.  

Holding one another and ourselves accountable is part of the democratic process. The school is run by the students and staff as partners not adversaries. You will not find any behavior charts, treasure boxes, or colored stars in any of our classrooms. Our students practice problem solving, not just with each other, but with adults as well. They come to understand that with their freedom to choose, also comes the responsibility for the impact that their choices have on the larger community. One of Adler’s core concepts, was the importance of a “Feeling of Community”. We teach and model this concept in our school. It means that  concern for the wellbeing of one another is paramount in our very survival as a human race.